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Touchstone Pulse


Providing evidence based insight into your workforce to assist in creating more engaged, productive and safe employees.

An Independent measure of Workforce Engagement and Wellbeing

Touchstone Pulse is a brand new independent way to monitor employee engagement and wellbeing, allowing near real-time feedback from your workforce. The pulse survey, administered via an easy to use app, generates key data which is analysed to inform company strategies for improving engagement.



Touchstone Pulse collects employee information via an independent third party. Respondent information is confidential. Reports provided to companies include aggregated data only, anonymous feedback can also be provided to companies directly through the app Feedback function. 



Touchstone Pulse measures employee engagement across 7 key workforce elements via responses to 23 statements. Respondents tick and flick through the Pulse selecting their level of agreement with each statement, submitting their feedback in under 2 minutes. 



Touchstone Pulse is available on iOS and Android devices. Users are notified when a Pulse is available to complete and can be completed at anytime during the identified period. Pulses can be started, then saved and returned to at a later stage to finish and submit, if required.


Touchstone Pulse allows companies to:

1. monitor employee engagement over time
2. measure the impact of changes to strategy on your workforce
3. have insight into employee wellbeing
4. identify areas for improvement
5. target workforce strategies to specific areas
6. address common employee concerns


Touchstone Pulse reports on the key elements of:


1. Purposeful work
2. Management and performance
3. Working environment
4. Development culture
5. Leadership and Vision
6. Efficiency
7. Wellbeing


Workforce engagement is a significant challenge facing modern resources companies. Large workforces, working in remote areas and often in multiple locations, makes monitoring the engagement and wellbeing of workforces difficult. Low engagement is a significant predictor of psychological risk, risk taking behaviour and lowered productivity.

RESA developed Touchstone Pulse to improve the current methods of monitoring and measuring the level of engagement and the ‘mood’ of the workforce, which is often overly complicated, time consuming to administer, out of date before the report is available and expensive.


Touchstone Pulse, developed with organisational psychologists and workforce experts, measures employee engagement across 7 key workforce elements allowing companies to target workplace strategies to areas of greatest risk.
The innovative Touchstone Pulse is designed for ease of use and with employee confidentiality in mind. Users are able to quickly and easily respond to targeted workforce statements.

Data collected is aggregated and delivered to companies in near real time providing the knowledge needed to support and build an efficient, productive, safe and happy workforce to achieve business goals.


The Touchstone Pulse app is available on iOS and Android devices. Developed by professionals ensuring accurate data collection, analytics and security.

Touchstone client administration and basic reporting is accessed by a custom web login. Providing quick set up and real time reporting.



Purposeful work

Management and performance

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